We’re Back and Bigger than Ever

DanSoc is back with a bang this year for our 10th birthday, how exciting is that? Happy Birthday DanSoc! If you are already in tune with us on our Facebook page, snapchat, Instagram and twitter, you’ll already see how excited we are to get this year kicked off to celebrate our 10th birthday. The new committee has been keeping in contact with each other from the minute we were all elected at our AGM last April and have been brainstorming right through the summer, planning events and organising our exciting year ahead. So when we say we’re back with a bang, we’re coming back with a big bang.
The biggest event for every society at the beginning of the college year is always Socs Day, and what a Socs Day we had. Although this is my third Socs Day, this is my first Socs Day with DanSoc and it has been the best one by far. As soon as you stepped in the door of the Bailey Allen Hall, you could see us, we stuck out from all the other societies and we made sure we stuck out. Having winning ‘Most Improved Society’ at the Socs Awards 2015, we were not letting the title go to waste. Our PRO, Jonothan, made, what I believe to be, the best posters, filers and advertisments DanSoc has ever had. You couldn’t miss the amazing colours, pictures and designs he used. Of course we all came out in forces in our DanSoc Jerseys, uniting us as a society and helping to stand out for freshers and Erasmus students so everyone knew who we were and who to go to for any questions they may have had about our society. We stood on hand with previous DanSoc videos on display to give everyone a taste of what we have done and what we can do. We also had Hill Billy’s vouchers for everyone who signed up to DanSoc, we had DanSoc stickers which, by the end of the day, were seen all around the Bailey Allen Hall. No one could even begin to expect what kind of a day we would have, but coming out of the day with 806 new members is what we like to call a SOCcessful day. (Yes we’re horribly cheesy for puns).
The main concern I could see from people enquiring about our society was “do you have to be a good dancer to join DanSoc?” or “is it only dancers that can join DanSoc?” and these are big points that we are addressing this year. We’re currently building and expanding our society to be a society for everyone. We are looking for dancers, music enthusiasts, fashionistas, actors, directors, photographers, and people who are just interested in meeting new people and having fun. I’m personally so excited for all the fun workshops and events we have planned for this year. Make up workshops, costume workshops, showcases, meet and greets, movie nights, nights out, mystery tours, you name it, our amazing Events Manager, Shannon has probably already thought of it and so much more. We’re a dance society with a huge range of dance styles and levels. We currently teach Irish Dancing, Hip-Hop, Contemporary, Ballet, Jazz, Zumba and Salsa, all of which are offered at Beginner Level and Intermediate/Advance Level. Our beginner’s classes are all about having fun, trying out new styles, seeing what you’re interested in and expanding your horizons. Our Intermediate/Advance classes are for people who want to further develop their dancing skills, training and possibly performing and representing NUI Galway in the National Dance Inter-varsities Competition, also known as a dancers Christmas.
As a society, we have already grown and improved so much in only just one year and we plan on growing even further this year. We’re very excited for future collaborations with different societies and of course, we cannot wait for Inter-varsities, which was held in the University of Limerick last year and will be held in Trinity College, Dublin this year. Being DanSocs Inter-Varsity Co-Ordinator this year, I already have amazing plans for the competition this year that will blow the competition away. Although this is a dance competition, I am going to be recruiting all of our society members to get involved, we’ll need make-up artists, costume designers, supports, camera crew etc. and believe us when we tell you, it is the most amazing event and experience of the year.
I guess I’ll leave it at that for the moment DanSoc, don’t want to spoil too much of the amazing year ahead before we even get started. Make sure to keep up to date with this blog we’re starting, as more of the society members and committee members will be posting over the course of the year, and make sure to stay tuned with our Facebook page, twitter page, snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, our website and watch out for emails to inform you of events coming up in the next couple of weeks. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back again soon and in the meantime check out our latest video below. #DanceYourSocsOff

All my love,
Janet – DanSoc Inter Varsity Co-Ordinator.